Wearing jewelry that encapsulates your feelings has always
had a special significance.
It has been a timeless part of worldwide human culture,
in everything from ancient civilizations to famous movie scenes.
When people wear precious things, it has always been a natural
expression of their feelings.
Only the wearer knows the memories, feelings, and bonds.

Courage that urges you forward when you’re uncertain,
kind words when you’re tired,
and that special presence that shares the joy when you’re happy.

Special memorial jewelry, unique in all the world.

Carry Your Unchanging Feelings With You Into an Eternal Future.

You can place just a little of something precious, such as the ashes
of a loved one, in an Ash-In Pendant, and casually wear it.
Our wide range of collections starts from a base of titanium, which is
durable and kind to the skin and body, and extends to versions using
18K gold and platinum components.
All Ash-In Jewelry models are made by hand by skilled artisans.
We ensure their high class by keeping all stages of manufacturing and
management in Japan.

This extraordinary jewelery lets you wear the presence of a special person.
The simple yet refined forms and textures will adorn your neck beautifully,
in the same style as a regular accessory.
Entrust your feelings and memories to a beautiful silhouette.